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Your Alma mater- the portal that molds your career and opens the door to your destiny. The college years are a rite of passage that brims with limitless opportunities, but the journey to your dream college is fraught with hope, excitement and uncertainty. With more than 5000 colleges to choose from, you don’t know where to begin your search for the perfect college ! And all that information blitzkrieg can send you on a sensory overload.

Let us begin with some myth-busting  good news that eases the pressure of your back; there is no ‘ one perfect college’ that’s imperative to your success. There are a number of colleges and universities, conducive to your learning style, and the realization of your goals . Broaden your list of possibilities based on the perfect match. An organized college planning process involves an open mind, extensive research, introspection, a healthy reality check and expert advice. Here at select college, we put students like you on the roadmap to the quest of their destiny.

College planning is an ongoing process that should be implemented in stages. As you chart your course and hit each milestone, we stand by you, providing you with counsel, insights and expert advice.

1.    Planning : A focused approach during the planning phase is key to getting accepted to prestigious Universities of your choice.  Utilize this time to explore your goals and interests;  discover the career path that motivates you. Figure out your strengths and drawbacks , create an optimal list of colleges that matches your criteria and gives you the best shot of admittance

2.    Prep : The Prep phase is the next big step to college admissions. Once you’ve zeroed in on the institution, ensure that your presentation is appealing to the college admission board. We help you build an attractive resume, get ideal references from teachers and mentors, coach you to nail the college essays  and enhance your test taking strategies.

Select College is your first small step that advances to giant strides for your thriving future. We introduce you to the best colleges in the country. Explore various Careers and majors, and the colleges offering the best courses in your chosen field. Discover your hidden strengths , interests and academic pursuits that you are passionate about. Our students have access to an incredible range of resources, helping you maximize your test scores and empower your resume .Our comprehensive guidance on college planning and application process sets you apart from everyone else to the college admissions committee.

Select college features indepth analysis of the different types of colleges. Study the various factors that should weigh in during college selections and the financial aids and scholarships that you could be entitled to. Here at Select college, our quest is not ‘if’ you can achieve your goals, but ‘how’ you can achieve your goals!

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